Friday, May 6, 2011

Makeover Miracle- Closet Turned Book Nook!

Today, I am featuring an amazing makeover by the popular and incredibly talented DIY blogger, Sarah from Thrifty Decor Chick. Her blog is very inspirational because she did most of her decorating using inexpensive home furnishings and mostly DIY projects on a small budget to create beautiful spaces.

When I saw her marvelous closet turned book nook makeover on her blog recently, I was very impressed and I knew at that very moment I need to feature and share her DIY project with all of you. This is what it looks like now:

Previously, it was just an average closet that looks like this:

Sarah started her project by installing the bottom shelf first using only scrap wood left by her other projects. The amazing thing is she never had any prior building experience and this being her first, I think she did very well.

After installing the bottom shelf, she started to built a frame for the bench that looks like this:

Then, she added a few more scrap pieces on top of the frame. It's starting to look really good, isn't it?

She then covered the bench with some foam and created some shelves, like this:

After a light installation, a paint job, an addition of some books and a couple of decorative pillows, a beautiful nook was born. She did an amazing job, didn't she? 

Notice the additional storage underneath the bench? What a clever idea!

Sarah's little boy enjoying a book in his new reading area.

Sarah, the talented blogger supermom who make things happen, pictured below:

So, my wonderful readers, if you want to know all the details regarding her makeover adventures, click here. She will be posting a complete tutorial about this DIY project next week, so be sure to follow her blog to learn more about this fantastic makeover. 


  1. Great idea! That would make reading that much more enjoyable for kids! Wouldnt take much convincing for me to lie down with a book!

  2. Wish I had an extra closet! That is the cutest....

  3. wow, this is amazing. thanks for sharing. im defnitely checking out her blog! :)

  4. That is some serious DIY talent! I love Sarah's blog, such a practical lady with so many great (and cheap) ideas!

  5. Wow- what a sweet, adorable, gorgeous use of space! I love the creativity and thought that went into that! :) Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!!

  6. love it! we are building a little reading nook right now too!


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