Monday, May 2, 2011

Luxurious themed children's bedroom inspirations.

Usually, I am not a huge fan of themed children's bedroom especially those with matching wallpapers, matching borders, matching beddings, matching curtains, matching rugs, matching lamps, you get my drift. Let's face it, themed bedroom with everything perfectly matched does not sound very exciting and in most cases, they don't transition well from childhood into teen years. However, when I stumbled upon these images, I just fell in love. So, I guess themed bedrooms can look wonderful as long as it is done tastefully. Now, let's take a look at some beautiful themed kid's rooms.

So, my fabulous readers, are you a fan of themed rooms? What do you think about the children's rooms above? Do you feel they are over the top silly or over the top amazing? Do you have a favorite room? Perhaps the poodle girl's room, the jeans' room, the ocean room, the aviator room or the horse room? Is there anything that is inspiring to you? For me, I just adore the jeans' room because I find the color very inspiring. The whole room also feels clean and crisp and I always like such style in a decor.


  1. OH I love the third room down. Thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comments! You have such a sweet little blog. I now follow and hope you will follow back :)

    Sar xx

  2. I like a themed children's bedroom if done tastefully! I think they are so much fun!

  3. themed rooms generally aren't my thing but i really liked the poodle room, I probably would've toned down on the poodles but so cute for a youngster
    Forever Chic,

  4. Haha yes i am i love the pink... so so girlie. loved this post! enjoying your blog :) thanks for sharing.

  5. I want the bookshelves in the jeans room!! THOSE are fabulous for sure!!! The pink poodle, not my style but fun to look at, yes! xoxo shel

  6. I have to say that I am not usually fond of theme rooms...but these are some of the best!

  7. Jean's room is about the size of our entire house! Lucky kid. :) Love the pink room set up even though I'm not much of a poodle person. Very girly.

  8. Any idea where to find the side tables in the airplane-themed room? Or perhaps they are custom? Thanks!

    1. Hi,

      Please check out this website for more information.



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