Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Home tour- A modern eclectic apartment in Brooklyn, New York!

We have seen many gorgeous homes of celebrities, designers and artistes but what about non-designers who work behind the scenes for interior magazines? Have you ever wondered what their homes look like? Are their homes picture perfect, eclectic or classically beautiful like the homes they featured in their magazines? Well, wonder now more because today, I am featuring an apartment home in Brooklyn Heights which belongs to the owner and editor in chief of Interior Design, Cindy Allen and her husband/ design partner, Marino.

The apartment started out with two units. However, they craved for more rooms because they have a habit of "gathering objects and people". Luckily for them, one day when Marino were out to throw out the trash, he met his neighbor who casually mentioned that she will be moving to Vermont. And without thinking twice, Marino offered to buy her place without even knowing what the inside of the house looked like. With the help of two architects who conveniently lives upstairs , plans were drew to gut and to combine the two units. And the rest is history.

"Furnishings are members of our ever expanding family. As an editor, you become adept at mingling styles from every period and, just like the magazine, our collection is all about the mix. Residential meets commercial. Contemporary lives alongside vintage. What I truly love is to be on the hunt, whether at work or play, at an auction, online, and especially, through our pages."

Now, let's take a look at this beautiful and modern apartment they lovingly renovated and furnished.

I love how this home just oozes style and personality. Cindy's and Marino's apartment is one of those casual and inviting homes where you want to spend time admiring their object and art collection and then start asking questions where each interesting piece came from. 


  1. I love the lively and fun feel of that apartment...
    the way the artworks are displayed and used to add interest and aesthetics are superb plus love how they give emphasis to their collections.

  2. I love the office space, I'd work there day and night!

  3. OMG i mean come on seriously... its a fabulous home! One of the coolest home ive seen all year. We wanted to do that.... combine 2 apartments into one. lol XP even offered to buy our next door neighbors and they said no. haha

    Thanks for sharing jessie :)

  4. I tend to like a more serene color palette, but some of these concepts are fun

  5. LOVING this arty and colourful home! Absolutely love it! Don't know what more I can say!

    Meera xx

  6. What a cool place! I especially like their busy artful walls... I see I've missed so many interesting places below... you find some great places :) xx


  7. That is quite an art collection! A That last image I really love. How cool is that shower curtain?

  8. love all their art work! I really like seeing what people do with smaller space since my house is small too!

  9. I love everything about this place - the mixture of soft colours with brights and the eclectic art but my favourite feature of this house is the beautiful lighting!! It's just perfect!

  10. I love all the amazing and unique spaces you find! This one is no exception!

  11. How amazing! It looks like a museum! Awesome find! :)

  12. so beautiful - they have some really fantastic modern art! thanks for sharing!
    xo Allison


  13. Talk about an awesome art collection!! Wow, what a neat home!

  14. Jessie this is amazing, it is so eclectic and it has so much personality! Loving that metal sculpture against the red walls...

    ps: so sad you can't see my blog, so weird whats going on, I posted a complain at blogger... will see! But again, thank you for letting me know!

    Hugs & kisses from Rio!

  15. Does anyone know who the sculpturist (sp?)is who made the metal-based "bird" sculpture - 4th image from the top? Thanks


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