Friday, May 13, 2011

Home tour- A designer's home.

This beautiful and modern White Rock, B.C. home belongs to designer Kelly Deck. Her designs were inspired by the sea and the sky and with a naturalistic spin. Let's take a took at her gorgeous home below.

What do you think of her home? Overall, I found her home incredibly beautiful, warm with luxurious modern touches and each space flows nicely from one room to another. A very cohesive and wonderfully thought out design, indeed. However, if it were up to me, I would sprinkle a little bit of color on the home accessories using decorative pillows, curtains or rugs. (It is just my personal preference for colors). Nevertheless, I will be just as happy to live in this home without changing a thing. Would you change anything if it were up to you? Do you have a favorite room?


  1. See I agree Jessie - love it, but in my book it needs a bit of color splashed everywhere. My fave room is probably either the kitchen or the study,- love the pictures everywhere.
    My least favorite is the chandelier on the staircase:)
    Have a great weekend sweets,
    A xox

  2. Yes. I would definitely add some colour too and some art. I like the lamps in the dining room and the office. But overall the place is really quite beautiful. xx anastasia

  3. Love the clean lines of that kitchen!
    Thank you for the very sweet comment you left on my He Said, She Said post - I'm so glad we have crossed blog paths!

  4. Wow her home is amazing!! I love the way she has it decorated. Really glad I found your blog. it's great!

  5. I hear ya (concerning the comment you left)! Professional interior designers are pulling further away from that exact style (white, minimalist) and are bringing more focus to the perhaps more "cosy" aspect of design. Softer furniture, more personalized decorations, more texture, shape and colors. "Life" might be a word describing what I believe the near future interior design style will be like. I'm getting bored of white. And I've only been in the world of interiors for a 3 months or so.

    I totally agree with you. Living spaces should be inviting, inspiring and energy-filled, not dead. :p I know that, to modern furniture designers, my words might seem ignorant and harsh. But there is a big difference between them and interior designers. The way I see it, the "white, minimalist" style has given extraordinary room for designers to showcase their furniture, because anything framed by white is lit up. Which is probably why its become such a popular style.

    However, we are here to create mood and personality. To give life and history to things and put them into a content. Point being, I think we're allowed to be critical ;)

    Thank you so much for your wishes! I hope you enjoy your weekend too :D


  6. Hi Jessie:
    Thanks again for the great comment. If you go to the label cloud in my sidebar, there is a label for all my He Said, She said posts - that should get you to all the archived ones.
    alison g.

  7. hello Jessie, love this dinning room, its gorgeous!

    thanks for share ;)

  8. I'm totally obsessed with the lighting in the dining room...gorgeous!! Hope you have a great weekend ~

  9. Love it all. Beautiful. Calm. Stylish. Perfect!!!

  10. Jessie, thanks for the sweet comment. You are always such a bright little ray of sunshine in the blogosphere. Looks like you've been up to finding more wonderful designs this past week. I love the uncluttered, simplistic yet modern design in Kelly's home. It wouldn't work with my kids, but I do love it. It is so serene.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  11. I really like the clean lines...very tailored.

  12. OK...I could live modern but not cold! Thanks for sharing that one....

  13. Hey Jessie,
    Thanks for you sweet message about my new blog design. I just realized when I hit reply that you have not been receiving any of my replies! I love your blog and your comments on mine have totally made my day! M.


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