Friday, May 20, 2011

Gorgeous dining rooms in every styles!

#1. Modern and dramatic.

#2. Mid-century chic.

#3. Modern and eclectic.

#4. Global chic.

#5. Eclectic and sophisticated.

#6. Modern and elegant.

#7. Traditional and elegant.

#8. Antique chic.

#9. Elegant and eclectic.

#10. Modern and vibrant.

All the dining rooms above shares a common thread. Each one looks gorgeous, inviting and chic. Any favorites?


  1. oh so fun! I especially love the top one! dark walls + that light fixture is georg! great post!
    xo Allison

    Spicer + Bank

  2. how fun, I like 1 2 and 9 the most! ohh if only i got some extra cash for some renovation but doesnt hurt to drool over these pics!

  3. 1 3 and 10 are just wonderful, all the others are too, but these are my favorites.

  4. Love all these images...the first picture actually looks just like my moms diningroom in the room architecture. Love all the paneling...just splendid.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  5. So many fine examples, how can I just pick two?
    1. I like the Modern and Dramatic because I like high contrast spaces and that example is a great example of not just the colors but the contrast of rustic and sleek elements. Besides, that ceiling treatment and light fixture is beautiful.
    2. I like the Mid-century Chic but I love almost anything with Ghost chairs.
    5. I also like Eclectic and Sophisticated because of those divine Klismos in contrast to the limestone(?) table. The pinstripe silk patterns are stunning as well.
    9. The antique chic is gorgeous as well. I've never seen those Greek key (?) chairs, they're really beautiful.

    Clearly, this is your fault for providing such lovely images that I couldn't pick just one. I can tell we have very similar tastes.


  6. Wow, all of you voted #1 as your favorite. Unsurprisingly, that was my absolute favorite dining room, too. I love the high contrast, the drama, the gorgeous chandelier and the reflective glass ceiling. I love #2 and #5, too! Well, Lilia, you are right. We have the same taste! :)

  7. Hiya Jessie! You're totally right! And I was onto the same idea, but I threw it away cause it's just we walk past that fireplace a lot and there's not too much room right there where the plant would be. However, I thought that maybe if I could find a holder that is rectangular in perhaps gold, I could put two plants next to each other instead one bushing out at all sides. What do you think? And I could put the candles on the floor, further to the right, but in other colors obviously to match the gold.

    The reason I'd like to go with gold is to bring more reflection and diversity into the room. It's not a huge room, although it's not small, but my parents are the kind that has never decorated an inch of space their entire life. If they've had a surface they've covered it with a cloth and put a picture frame and a bowl on it. Without any of the things relating what-so-ever. And if they had a plant, the holder would be the cheapest one, never one that fitted in. I used a lot of gold, glass and mirrors in their bedroom and it worked so well with the white walls and the grey focus wall (not sure of the technical term). I also thought that continuing the theme would make it easier for them to buy new things, if they ever want to. Also, my father has been talking about getting a dark, dark brown chesterfield. And when I come to think of it, I love the idea of gold and dark brown classic leather. What do you think?

    This is really what I need. Someone who says "Nope my dear, that's not working. Rethink!" To be challenged and corrected! Your comment makes me so excited about starting school in fall! But in the meantime I have you! ^^

  8. An oval pot perhaps. Instead of a rectangular one.

  9. #1 & #9 but yes, they're all gorgeous!!

  10. I LOVE #6 Modern and Elegant; that is my dream kitchen! All of those kitchens are stunning though:) Do you ever read design magazine, books, and blogs and then try to recreate what you love in them? I do that, and it's hilarious because, of course, I don't own any of the pieces shown, buy it's still fun! xx

  11. This is exactly the kind of inspiration that I need right now. The 2nd on really stands out to me, just feels so light and fresh and i love the round dining table. xo anastasia

  12. Hi Jessie, I love your posts, you always give great tips. These rooms are just fabulous.
    By the way, the place where I was in the pics was a typical sweets store here in Brazil. :)
    Have an amazing weekend.

    Kisses xX

  13. Oh my goodness, these are all GORGEOUS!! I love how you've picked all different styles in this post, and your selections are fabulous! I would take elements from #3 and #7 for my elegantly eclectic dream dining room :)

    Meera xx


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