Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cool products alert- Amazing Acrylic!

There is nothing I love more than stumbling upon cool and beautiful products that also enhanced our homes. Recently, I found just that. We have all seen beautiful acrylic products featured in stylish interiors such as this:

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With so many wonderful inspirations, it is hard not to fall in love with acrylic furniture because they look so gorgeous. And most importantly, they are so versatile and will fit in any rooms or decor styles. Now, be prepared to swoon over these products below:

'King George Bench'

'King George Vanity'

'Adrienne Cocktail Table'


'X Trestle Base'

'Tea Table'

'Luggage Rack'

'Mandarin Cocktail Table'

'Icicle Vanity Stool'

'Waterfall Vanity'

'George II Chair'

'Classic Stool'

'Swivel Vanity Stool'

'King George Desk/ Table'


'5 Drawer Mirrored Desk'

While I love acrylic furniture very much and I even have an acrylic coffee table at home, I know it is not everyone's cup of tea. So, tell me, are you an acrylic fan or otherwise? For acrylic furniture fans, do you have a favorite from any of the above products? As for me, my favorites are the King George Bench, the Trunk, the Classic Stool, the Luggage Rack and the 5 Drawer Mirrored Desk.

These acrylic furniture mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg. There are so much more products available on their website.

For more information on products and pricing, please go to

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  1. Great post Jessie! What a great range of acrylic products! I personally like them, although I don't have any at home (yet). I think they bring this lightness to a room and make it feel fresh. I am in love with the George II chair - it is divine! Have to find one now!

    Thanks for entering the giveaway. Good luck!

  2. These are very pretty! I really like the acrylic kitchen stools, and the King George vanity. Some of it is so clear that I think without books or something on top, I'd be running into it all the time! But I love every single piece that you showed; so gorgeous! I think it's probably something that some people could o.d. on and end up having nothing but clear decor! haha

  3. Thanks, Anastasia. Brooke, I guess with acrylic furniture, you just need to put something on top of them to make them visible except for pieces with fabrics. I think a great way to use acrylic furniture is to have one or two pieces in a space so you can truly appreciate its beauty, the impact and the interesting dynamic they created with other solid furniture. If someone incorporate too much of them in a space, everything will look cold and uninviting, and it defeats the idea of having any acrylic furniture in the first place. Bottom line, use it sparingly! :)

  4. What an amazing round up of pictures! So many gorgeous interiors! I really do love this look especially the bench-definitely my favorite!

  5. I am in love with every single item on this post.. and the images.. so inspiring! :)
    Love this material, I think is very stylish, mixe with the right things :)

    Love this!!


  6. I'm such a fan of lucite furniture...adore the pink stools in the office!!

  7. Fabulous rooms and kitchens! I really wanna something like that...hehehe
    Pretty pictures and the last one is so adorable, very delicate!

    Kisses xoxo

  8. I love lucite! So classic yet very modern at the same time.

  9. There is so much cool acrylic out there is back in a big way! I even like the CB2 coffee table!

  10. Sherry, the only acrylic furniture I have in my home (the one I mentioned above) is the CB2 coffee table in my living room. It looks much more expensive than what I paid for! :)

  11. Very cool indeed, want to get me some acrylic furniture, love! xx

  12. Jessie, what an amazing collection of lucite inspiration images. That bed frame in the thick acrylic is stunning!


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