Thursday, April 7, 2011

Modern Union Jack Children's Room Inspirations.

An all white serene baby nursery receives a dose of fun and color with the addition of an unexpected Union Jack rug.

Simply accessorizing with red and blue accents in an all white study/ homework area to achieve some British flair in a kid's room.

A pair of bright Union Jack curtains on the window becomes the focal point and color inspiration for a cheerful and lively children's bedroom.

A boys' modern bedroom receives some fun and color using an Union Jack themed flag, pillows and rug. 

Incorporating an Union Jack rug and a fridge with an oversized blue world map as a backdrop along with red, blue and white accents throughout helps to create a crisp, modern and chic bedroom.

A double decker bus and British soldier wallpaper on the fireplace wall and Union Jack accessories make a fun kid's room.


  1. So great! Love this for a child's room.

  2. LOVE this - having a british husband and having lived in London for 10 years myself - this brings me straight home. Have a great weekend
    A xxx

  3. Love it on the dog in the second picture!

  4. By the way, I love the new look on your blog; it's so cute!!

  5. The Zhush, thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you enjoyed your visit. Brooke, thanks. You are the first person to give me a feedback regarding my blog makeover and I really appreciate it! :)

  6. Nice Jessie. All great picks-especially love the last two pics. P.S. I awarded you A lovely blog award. Details on my latest post.

  7. A big thanks to you, MBL. I feel so honored! :) You are so sweet.

  8. could you please tell me where i would be able to get the bus and soldier wallpaper from..i NEED it haha! i love your blog


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