Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Gorgeous artwork alert- by Society 6! (Part 2)

As a continuation from my previous post, I would love to share some amazing artworks by other artists through Society 6. Below are my favorites:

Artist: Ludovic Jacqz

'Superheroes SF'

'Juliette, Balloons And Pearls'

'Les Petits Becs'

'Rainy Days'

Artist: Valentina Ramos

'Little Birds'

'Little Owls'

Artist: Squirrell

'Cold Hedgerow'

'The Fox And The Forest'

Artist: Elena Mir

'The Red Hair'

'The Long Hair Girl'

'The Butterfly'

'The Owl Girl'

Artist: Charmaine Olivia

'Pirate Silhouette'

'Antler's Silhouette'

'Swan Hat Silhouette'

'Boat Hat'

Artist: David Schwen


'Chicago Dog'

'Burger Eclipse' 

After seeing so many different artists with varying styles, what are your thoughts? Do you like any of their artworks? Any favorites? My taste in art is quite eclectic so I can see every art above for my own home.

For details on artworks, products and pricing, please go to

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  1. I LOVE the post Jessie - the first picture of the catgirl rocks my world to the max. :O) Have a wonderful day xx
    A xxx

  2. I'm liking the little birds & owls, they are so vibrant. Thanks for sharing. Have a lovely day! xo anastasia

  3. I love the sandwich ingredient ones! The BF and I could live on sandwiches.

    I also love the little birds and owls but more if they were fabric so I could make pillows out of them.


  4. I love the sandwich pictures! The BF and I could live off of sandwiches.

    I'd also love the bird and owl picture as a fabric. It would make great pillows!



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