Friday, April 29, 2011

Cool products alert- Pantone phenomenal!

This post was very much inspired by my recent encounter of the Pantone folding chairs. I have seen them used in so many decor in a lot of interior magazines lately.

'Pantone Folding Chairs'

As if seeing these Pantone folding chairs everywhere are not enough, I saw the Pantone storage boxes at Achica a few days ago.

'Pantone Boxes'

So, I figured there must be more Pantone products around so I did some research. I thought I might find a few more office accessories or stationeries but lo and behold, I found so much more and it's so exciting. I love wonderful discoveries like these and if you know me well enough, I love anything quirky and things with a twist. Below are some of my finds.

'Pantone Wallstore'

'Pantone Bike'

'Pantone Espresso Set'

'Pantone Mugs'

'Pantone Luggage Tag'

'Pantone Passport Holder'

'Pantone Big Wallet'

'Pantone Coin Purse'

'Pantone Card Holder'

'Pantone Notebook'

'Pantone Toothbrush Set'

'Pantone Bathroom Accessories'

'Pantone Kitchen Scale'

'Pantone Keyring Range'

'Pantone Contact Lens Case'

While my list of Pantone products is incomplete, it covers most of the Pantone products I found online.  Personally, I love the Pantone storage boxes, the Pantone Bikes, the Pantone magazine holders, the Pantone espresso sets and the Pantone notebooks. All the Pantone inspired products are not only clever and colorful but fun as well. Do you have a favorite Pantone product?

And while I was trying to wrap up this post, I stumbled upon a surprise. There is even a Pantone themed hotel which I am not unaware of, so check this out!

Are you surprised? Well, I am. Previously, I thought all Pantone products are absolutely creative and innovative but the Pantone Hotel takes the cake. Have any of you been there? If so, what are your experience like?

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  1. I had no idea they had so many product lines. Wow. I love the boxes, as well as the espresso set. So cute.

  2. Hiya Jessie! Thank you for the comment on my photos! It made me happy! :) And also, thank you for the tip on Kelly Wearstler and Kara Mann! It's just my style! I totally agree on everything you said about the house I posted! It's perfect inspiration for spring and very scan :p Love the pantone inspired hotel! Such a fun idea! Hope your having a wonderful weekend! The weather here's been amazing! Clear blue sky and warm considering it being Norway :p

  3. So cute! I really like the boxes especially... xo anastasia

  4. Fun post. I want the folding chairs and the bike.
    Regarding the Pantone Hotel, I wonder why "Brussels?" I have never been there, but when I think of Belgian design, color is not what pops into my head. Just a thought.
    Also, love the post on kids' bedrooms. Wow.


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