Thursday, April 14, 2011

Conservatory inspirations in every styles.

I have always been fascinated with conservatories. I can just imagine myself sipping a cup of tea or coffee while having some afternoon snacks in a room surrounded with all my favorite plants and flowers while looking out the window. Pure bliss. While in the olden days, conservatories were purely used for conserving plants but nowadays, they are often used as an extra room for recreational activities.


  1. Beautiful post! I would love a place like that to recharge and relax... have a lovely weekend. x anastasia

  2. I think it is so sweet that you have always been fascinated with them. I would love to have a conservatory/sunroom one day. They are such wonderful rooms. I would sit with my tea, and reading material curled up on a comfy couch with lots of soft fluffy pillows. Hope you have a beautiful weekend, Jessie.

  3. That first picture had me a ferns! I love that room. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a great weekend.


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