Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Using bold walls to make a design statement.

#1: Use modern wall decals in a large scale in an ordinary space to create impact and focal point.

#2: Use a single bold and bright stylized graphic to make a statement in a sparse and modern room.

#3: Carry a large black and white mural wall to a nearby wall to create a continuous and larger visual impact.

#4: Incorporate a bold graphic striped pattern on a wall instantly make it a focal point and a major design statement.

#5: Enlarge a favorite map (old or new) to create an inexpensive wall coverings as opposed to normal wallpaper.

#6: Enlarge your favorite idol or celebrity poster to create an oversized pop art for instant drama and major focal point.

Some of the above inspiration pictures might be a little overwhelming for most of us but adapting similar ideas but in smaller doses instantly injects visual interest and drama. 

What are your thoughts on the above inspiration pictures? Do you find the interiors livable or otherwise?


  1. OMG I am absolutely in LOVE with the first pic, saving it away in my files, thanks for the lovely inspiration, enjoy your day xx

  2. I agree with Jaz, that top photo is gorgeous! Love, love those walls!! The other ones are really cool too; the gigantic face is an attention grabber for sure, but it's one of those things I would love in someone else's home but not mine.
    Hey I love your idea of the mirror-turned-corkboard as an inspiration board!!

  3. I am glad you guys found inspiration in the first picture.

    On a side note, I know I tend to post a lot of crazy and bold inspiration pictures lately instead of just posting only pretty pictures. Because sometimes, they may just be the inspiration you need. Inspiration pictures are well, just inspiration pictures. They are there to spark your creativity even if they look a little bit crazy sometimes. Honestly, I won't feel comfortable living in most of the rooms above, if you were to ask me but you can always turn those ideas around and make it your own with a little tweak and adaptation! For instance, the enlarged celebrity pop art. You can make several smaller version of celebrity pop arts and put them in smaller frames in a grid-like pattern in an area to make it a focal point. I am sure it will still be interesting instead of overwhelming. :)

    Brooke, I was thinking about inspiration board a lot recently because I am about to get my own proper work desk instead of blogging on my dining room table (like now). when I see a framed corkboard, the first thing that comes to my mind is inspiration board! :)

  4. I love these pictures, I am looking to do something dramatic in my livingroom too! I was looking for the button to follow your blog as it's very inspirational but couldn't find it.

    Hope you come over and support!


  5. I am glad you find the pictures inspirational. Just scroll down this post and you will find the 'follow' button. Thanks for dropping by.

  6. I found it and now following you...thanks for your sweet comment!!!!



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