Saturday, March 12, 2011

Gorgeous white on white interiors.

The simplicity of an all-white scheme can create a dramatic impact on any interiors. Using mostly white on a space conveys a sense of cleanliness, airiness, spaciousness, brightness, clarity and purity. However, too much white may sometimes makes a space seems sparse, stark, cold and lack of warmth. To achieve a beautiful space with a white on white color scheme while avoiding a feeling of being too stark or too cold, take a cue from the inspirational images below.

#1: Using lots of pattern- A bathroom with tiled carrara marble from floor to ceiling in an all white space helps to relieve a block of white color, creates a dramatic visual interest and warmth while making the room looks clean, bright and airy.

#2: Using glossy finish surfaces- Incorporating white glossy finished bathroom cabinets and white glossy finished flooring helps to bounce light in various directions thus avoiding a feeling of starkness.

#3: Using lots of silver or stainless steel- Injecting a dose of silver finishes and stainless steel material into an all white space helps to break up the starkness while bringing a sense of modern elegance into the kitchen.

#4: Using sufficient lighting- A well-lit space either from artificial lighting or natural lighting creates shadows and different shades of white making an all white space looks bright, clean and airy and  less overbearing.

#5: Adding some accessories- Including a few well chosen accessories in an all white space with fresh flowers, artwork and rug helps to bring in colors, patterns and textures while adding warmth and beauty to a room.

#6: Mixing it with creams, muted whites or off-whites- Using a dose of cream color in a headboard and off-white color in carpeting helps to relieve an all overbearing white bedroom while creating a calm and relaxing space.

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