Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Gorgeous and inspiring international rental properties!

When we think of beautiful interiors, most of us will automatically think about gorgeous homes found in decor magazines, boutique hotels or perhaps a celebrity's/ designer's home. Rental property will be the last thing that comes to mind. In the competitive world today, even rental property has to look tastefully decorated to attract rentals and in this case, international travelers. This stunning property in Hong Kong below is so chic and inspiring it was featured in a design magazine.

Another fabulous and cozy rental property in Hong Kong.

Another cozy home found in Italy.

Another chic and charming loft found in New York.

Another stylish and modern rental unit found in Germany.

Another bright and airy contemporary space in Germany.

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Personally, I find the first loft in Hong Kong and another loft in New York very chic, appealing and inspiring. With that said, I do not mind and will also be perfectly happy staying at any of the other spaces for a vacation, too. What are your lodging preference and which space looks the most appealing or most inspiring to you? What are your thoughts about staying at another stranger's home while you are on a vacation? Would you let a stranger stay at your home for a short duration for a fee? I would love to know.

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  1. My favorite is the one in New York, all because of that white brick wall. I am obsessed with painted brick right now. These are all gorgeous though; I would never guess they were rentals! Thank you for your comment on my blog; you were right- the mirror at cb2 looks a lot like the ones I was admiring at Pottery Barn! I like your blog and your About Me really reminds me of my own childhood.

  2. Everyone loves exposed brick, whether they are painted or not. They just add so much charm and character to a space, isn't it? Thanks for commenting and following my blog. Anyway, I am just wondering what's your final decision about the mirrors; to go ahead and buy them from CB2/ Target or DIY a few yourself? I would love to see them in your blog... :)


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