Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cool product designer alert- Jim Schatz!

Talented product designer, Jim Schatz designs and handcrafts beautiful and innovative products and his work has been featured in numerous decor magazines and newspaper articles. His wonderfully unique products are mostly clean-lined, modern and very much egg-inspired. Most of his gorgeous products were made using ceramic earthenware and finished with a colorful and glossy sheen. Check out some of his cool products below:

Egg banks ($95 each)

Egg bird houses ($135 each)

Salt and pepper shaker set ($130 each set)




Poodle Butt Sculpture

Buff Humpty Sculpture With Light ($875)



Happening Curtain

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I just love all his products. It's either clever, adorable or whimsical and I wish I can have one of each if it is more affordable. My most favorite product has to be the multi color groovy curtains. The color combinations and sculptural shapes are just so beautiful and mesmerizing I can stare at it for hours. What about you? Do you have a favorite too?

For more details regarding this designer and his other interesting products, please go to

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