Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cool products alert- Monogram madness! (Part 2)

I am sure there are many style-conscious iPhone and iPad users out there who are frustrated when it comes to finding stylish cases or sleeves for their wonderful gadgets. Well, frustrated no more because I have good news. Recently, I discovered two very talented designers from Etsy who not only designed gorgeous cases and sleeves for iPhone and iPad, they even monogram them with your chosen initials or your name on it. How cool is that? So, get ready and feast your eyes on some of their colorful, trendy and chic monogrammed products below:

Caution: Eye candy overload ahead. Scroll down images slowly. Enjoy!

iPhone Cases designed by Angie West

iPad Sleeves designed by Angie West

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iPhone cases designed by Dani

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Among the two designers, which one is favorite? And which design do you prefer? Have fun picking your favorites because I am in love with so many designs I can't possibly pick one. 

If you are interested in details on pricing and other related products available in their stores, please go to and

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  1. I want one of these SO BADLY. I have almost ordered a million times, but can NEVER figure out which one to get!!!! Do you have a fav? love the blog! xoxo Shelli

  2. All of the designs are so pretty it's hard to pick one, isn't it? I have a few favorites but I think my most favorite is the first one by Angie West! By the way, I love your blog, too! :)

  3. ok, seriously?? i had NO idea these existed on ETSY!! I'm ordering one of these for sure..they're fabulous!!
    so glad you shared this one...


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