Friday, March 25, 2011

Cool products alert- Fascinating anatomy-inspired furniture and decor! (Part 3)

And finally, the third and last installment of fascinating anatomy-inspired furniture and decor. This time featuring Ukraine born, Netherlands based, talented artist Vladi Rapaport and his work, 'The Vanitas Collection' -a collection of products inspired by the Dutch "vanitas" still life paintings from the 16th and 17th century. "The characteristic type of symbolic still life painting is the one where the symbols of emptiness, time and death were placed on the canvas as a reminder of the vanity of one's earthly life". Now, let's take a look at 'The Vanitas Collection' below.

'Skull' Chair

The 'Skull' chairs were made using wood, polyester and glass-fiber.

'Brain' Footstool

The 'Brain' footstool was made using leather and polyurethane foam. 

'Something Dead' Lamp

This 'Something Dead' spine floor lamp was made using leather, steel, carbon-fiber, electricity wire and lamp.

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Now that you have seen the remarkable 'Vanitas Collection" from Vladi Rapaport, what are your thoughts on the collection? Do you find them appealing or appalling? Personally, I love the gorgeous 'Skull' chairs very much. I think they are very interesting, well-made and well-designed. Do you have a favorite, too?

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  1. I wouldn't even have noticed that that was a skull! Very interesting furniture - never seen anything like it! xo

  2. I have never seen anything like that either so I just have to share it with everyone. Isn't the 'Skull' chair very cool? Without looking at the back of the chair, it resembles a mid-century modern chair, and when you look at the back, ta-dah, you have a surprise! Props to the artist for such a genius design!

  3. Scary except for the chair which I wish was not called the skull chair. I think I like it more without the name

  4. Looking at these furnitures made me laugh in a good way. As a furniture designer, these pieces for me are 'must haves'. If you'll ask me where should I place the items and what design theme will it work with, I'd say "any"! The white chair would definitely look good in contemporary black and white residential office area. The wooden skull chair would look best on a Victorian Inspired home... as an accent to the living room. The brain footstool will work anywhere on any theme (considering color and form). And the spine floor lamp will look good in a rustic country inspired bedroom. Though, just a piece of advice, make sure you just buy 1 piece for your home so, so won't convert your sanctuary into a '1940's Torture Den'. What do you think?


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