Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cool designer alert- Kelly Wearstler!

Featuring one of the design industry's most influential new tastemaker, Kelly Wearstler. Acclaimed for trendsetting designs, Kelly is the founder and the principal of the award-winning Los Angeles-based firm Kelly Wearstler Interior Designs. Besides being an interior designer, this designer extraordinaire also expands her expertise to home furnishings and home accessories and she also appeared as one of the judges in the previous BravoTV's Top Design show. Her designs are synonymous with glamor, luxury and boldness with some unexpected elements, which I find very interesting and inspiring. Below are some examples of her work in both residential and commercial projects and how we can borrow some of her gorgeous decorating ideas:

Steal this idea #1: Incorporate a geometric and textured wall to create major visual impact.

Steal this idea #2: Bringing the indoors out with outdoor living spaces.

Steal this idea #3: Mix things up to add character and personality.

Steal this idea #4: Use an interesting sculpture to provide focal point and add visual interest.

Steal this idea #5: Group similar items together to make a bold design statement.

Steal this idea #6: Group unlikely objects together but using a similar color scheme to add interest and personality.

Steal this idea #7: Try mixing different patterns in the same color scheme for a layering effect to create visual interest.

Steal this idea #8: Sometimes, less is more.

Steal this idea #9: Floor to ceiling built-ins provides a streamlined look in a space.

Steal this idea #10: Adding a large and bold patterned rug or a gigantic art creates a focal point and pulls a room together.

Steal this idea #11: Creating a monochromatic color scheme in a room but using different textures and patterns provide interest while achieving cohesiveness.

Steal this idea #12: Bringing in natural elements and grouping them together instantly becomes a beautiful focal point while creating visual interest.

Steal this idea #13: Using complimentary bright colors create a fresh and cheerful space.

Steal this idea #14: Painted ceilings adds visual interest and completes a space. 

Steal this idea #15: Using natural materials as a feature wall creates timeless beauty. 

Steal this idea #16: Incorporating a bold geometric pattern on walls becomes a main focal point, maximizing beauty while heightens drama.

Steal this idea #17: Smart furniture layout improves traffic flow and makes a cohesive design. 

Steal this idea #18: Using an eye-catching and elegant sculptural light fixture instantly adds drama.

Steal this idea #19: Using unexpected items in a huge collection on walls creates a dramatic backdrop.

Steal this idea #20: Using a symmetrical design provides a visual balance. 

Steal this idea #21: Tufted headboards instantly creates a focal point in a bedroom while exudes elegance and sophistication.

Steal this idea #22: Use neutral furniture and accessories so a beautiful view will remain a focal point.

Steal this idea #23: Incorporating the same wood color throughout provides cohesiveness.

Steal this idea #24: Incorporating a glass door between a private outdoor space and the indoor bathroom creates spaciousness while flooding the indoor space with natural light.

Steal this idea #25: Using different sized wall cutouts to store decorative objects creates a major design impact while providing visual interest.

Steal this idea #26: Using oversized planters in an unexpected way instantly becomes a focal point while conveying a major design statement. 

Steal this idea #27: Incorporating natural and organic materials provides warmth and richness to a space.

Steal this idea #28: Uncommon furniture and large decorative sculpture adds a whimsical touch and a fun element.

Steal this idea #29: Combining an uncommon and bright color schemes portrays a fresh and inviting space. 

Steal this idea #30: Incorporating a wall of framed rectangle mirrors becomes an amazing focal point and makes a huge design statement.

Steal this idea #31: Introducing a solid colored ceramic subway tiles adds beauty and elegance.

Steal this idea #32: Installing a diagonal bookcase becomes an instant feature and creates visual movement.

Steal this idea #33: Using contrasting colored mosaic tiles to create a  bold geometric design portrays a strong visual dynamic and a focal point.

Steal this idea #34: Incorporating a restrained color palette throughout delights the eye and brings cohesiveness.

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  1. Wow that was quite a post! Awesome! Love that you highlighted all the things she did in each pic! She is truly a natural true designer isn't she - all talent! You are very good at extracting and articulating exactly what she has achieved in each space. Love it! Thanks for sharing Jessie!


  2. Great post Jessie! Appreciate all the effort that you put in describing each setting... xo anastasia


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