Monday, March 21, 2011

Chic and glorious bathtubs inspirations!

A modern oval bathtub blends beautifully in a rustic space with other streamlined bath furniture and accessories in a similar warm rustic wood tone.

An antique, Victorian style clawfoot bathtub simply paired with a crystal chandelier evokes a sense of charm, romance and elegance in a small bathroom.

A simple and modern bathtub works seamlessly with modern faucets and bathroom fixtures, a modern table lamp, an interesting mesh wire mirror with a few green accents creating a chic and calming space.

Incorporating a simple bathtub with other light-colored and neutral bath essentials and accessories makes a calming and relaxing bathroom. 

The use of streamlined reclaimed wood planks and a wood bench adds warmth and beauty to a minimalist space filled with modern and delicate bathroom furniture. 


  1. These pics are just gorgeous, a bathtub and beautiful lighting to me is a must also lots of natural light & storage! Enjoy your day xx

  2. Totally agreed! My dream bathroom is picture #3 combined with picture #5. A chic bathroom with a gorgeous window and a view.

    You have a wonderful day, too!


  3. These bathtubs make me swoon!! I think I would climb into one and never want to come out.
    Hey I linked to you today in my blog post :) I used one of the pictures you took of a side table at Chiasso; I'm still looking for side tables so when I saw your picture I was so inspired!!

  4. There's something about a pretty freestanding bathtub that makes us girls swoon, isn't it? The average builder's built-in bathtub just didn't have that effect, don't you think? No worries, you can use my pictures any day! : ) I am glad you are inspired! : ) I am happy when readers get inspired by something they found on my blog.


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