Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Eclectic chic living rooms.

Combining a gray contemporary sectional with a modern arc floor lamp, a French country dining chair, a retro style coffee table, a few decorative coral pieces, a Bohemian style decorative pillow and other modern toss pillows oozes eclectic chic.

By mixing gray floral country couches with a contemporary metal coffee table and a wood sculpture floor lamp, the neutral color scheme exudes calmness, relaxation and a sense of timeless eclectic chic.

Mixing a retro Mondrian style floor lamp with a contemporary red swivel chair and a modern color block rug with wood tables throughout the space creates subtle eclecticism. 

Combining a white sleek and contemporary couch with a round contemporary glass coffee table, a gold-tone transitional starburst mirror, a 50's Danish side table, a multicolor Danish sideboard, a traditional fireplace and a modern conceptual shape patterned rug defines casual eclectic.

Blending a traditional green velvet couch with a contemporary clear lucite coffee table, floral wallpaper along with matching curtains and pillows with mid century Danish wood side table defines feminine eclectic chic. 

Pairing mostly white contemporary furniture with a traditional crystal chandelier and the occasional French country dining chair in a traditional space with ornate ceiling and moldings is the epitome of eclectic chic.

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