Monday, February 14, 2011

Beautifully mixed.

Happy Valentine's Day, my fellow readers. Besides the cards, presents and the flowers, celebrating this very special day along with romantic dinners are part of the package. Romantic candlelit dinner in a beautiful and posh restaurant automatically comes to mind when we think of Valentine's Day celebrations.

But how about dining in for once and thinking outside the box on this very special day? Dining in doesn't have to be boring. Taking a cue from the picture below, a charming dining table with six gorgeous Louis dining chairs all upholstered in different fabrics can be absolutely chic! The non matchy-matchy fabrics on these dining chairs were interestingly and beautifully mixed with polka dots patterns, toile designs and flowery motif totally works in the all white room, making all the different colors pop. The end result is everything looks elegant, fresh, unexpected and fun!
Now, wouldn't you prefer dining in in a beautiful space like this on Valentine's Day with someone special over the usual upscale restaurant with a huge crowd and a very long line? I know I would enjoy something as lovely as this for it will be a memorable dining experience for sure! So, have some fun, mix your furniture up from time to time because who knows, it might just work! Always, always remember, decorating should be fun, so experimenting with new things with different arrangements could lead to amazing results.

Have a wonderful V-Day celebration everyone! On another note, in what ways do you celebrate Valentine's Day besides wining and dining?

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